National Education Foundation under the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training was founded in 1994 through Cabinet Resolution. However, it became operational in 1996. It was restructured through Presidential Ordinance 2002 as a body Corporate.



The Ordinance mandates NEF to operate in ICT, Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK .



As per NEF ordinance following are the functions


    • Establishing partnership and collaborating with organizations pursuing the common goal of educational development particularly promoting public-private partnership, for basic/elementary, technical/ vocational education.
    • Providing and organizing in-service training for teachers, NGOs, Communities etc.
    • Providing financial assistance to private school operators and institutions related to educational development.
    • Providing consultancy services for education development and related activities as and when required by national, international and other organizations.
    • Welfare program for dependents of educationists and teachers including scholarships for students, financial support to widows and other related projects.
    • Developing databases, conducting research and preparing periodical reports on educational development particularly in private and NGO sector