School Support Progam

National Education Foundation (NEF) runs the School Support Program from the proceeds of its Endowment Fund. Under this program, NEF supports schools which are providing free education to the disadvantaged segment of society and facing financial crisis. 

Criteria for the support

The school has to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Should be functional in  ICT
  2. Should be providing free education ( should not be charging anything from students)
  3. Should be teaching Federal Govt. Curriculum
  4. Should have at least 25 enrolment and one teacher
  5. Registered schools will be preferred
  6. School located in rural areas will be preferred
  7. School with community involvement  will be preferred
  8. schould should have primary section (the support will only be for primary section) 


Role of NEF

The roles and responsibilities of NEF administration are as under:-

  1. Provision of honorarium as per policy of NEF Community Model Schools 
  2. Provision of one teacher for every 30 students ( 1:30 teachers to student ratio)
  3. Provision of honorarium to the aya @ Rs. 2000 per month per school 
  4. Provision of Utility charges @ Rs. 1000 per month per school
  5. Provision of free text books
  6. Carry out monitoring of the schools
  7. Provision of  free teachers’ training


How to apply?

Any school meeting the above mentioned eligibility criteria can apply for the support . The procedure to apply is as under:-

  1. Request application to the Chairman BoG/ Managing Director - NEF 
  2. Brief of organization if school is running under any NGO/ organization 
  3. Profile of the schools 
  4. Attested school registration copy ( if registered) 

Presently, NEF is supporting Al-Firdous Community Model School, Satra Meel, Barakahu Islamabad and Gosha -e- Mashal , Margalla Town Islamabad