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National Education Foundation (NEF) was established in 1994 through Cabinet Resolution and became operational in 1996. NEF was later on restructured through Presidential Ordinance XX/2002 as corporate body with its own Board of Governors (BoG). NEF have its geographical outreach in FATA,Gilgit-Baltistan, AJK and ICT. Later on with the merger of the Federal Teachers Foundation in 1997, NEF   was mandated with the task of providing financial assistance to the teachers working in educational institutions, under the control of Federal Ministry of Education. Scholarship is  granted to the beneficiaries in installments


To strengthen and improve the financial assistance programme run by National Education Foundation. Scholarship program over the years has occupied significant position in promoting welfare activities for the children and widows of Federal Government teachers.

Beneficiaries of the Program:

  • Children of deceased teachers.
  • Children of retired teachers.
  • Children of In-service teachers.
  • Widows of federal Government Teachers.

scholarship program detail of 2013

No. of existing beneficiaries are 541 that includes 502 students and 39 widows. Complete files for scholarship are 305 that include 38 widows and 267 students, detail of which is appended below

Financial position:

Total financial resource  53,285,100
Interest on the endowment fund (annually)  5,062,085
Annual expenditure  39, 28,136

Reason to enhance the F A P:

  • The present rates have not been revised since 2007
  • The fees have increased since 2007 in all the institutes of Pakistan.
  • Inflation rates have increased tremendously.
  • Prices of books have increased.
  • Hostel charges have increased.
  • Stipend given to the widows is negligible. Scholarship Program remained dormant for a period of 3 years as after 2010 we did not get approval for issuing cheaques. Now after a lapse of 3 Years and effort of new Management the program has been restarted in Sep 2013. In this regard an Inauguration ceremony was held on 19th September 2013, in which our kind Minister Mr.Baleegh-ur-Rehman was also invited as a Chief Guest and 23 cheaques were distributed to different categories among students and widows. The detail of students and widows is given below:
S# Student Name Father Name Class Amount      Ph #
01 Muhammad Maaz Fazal Rehman 8th 858 0344-5001718  
02 Muhammad Umer Sabir Sabir Ali 4th 858 0300-5245173  
03 Muhammad Aqeel Khalil Khan 6th 858 051-5478912
04 Seemab Khalid Khalid Saif Ullah M.A 2,750 0321-5142413 03448587006
05 Muhammad Qaisar Imam Khalid Mehmood B.ed 1,925 0341-4658525
06 Arsalan Hameed Abdul Hameed B.Sc 1,278 051-4480043
07 Abdullah Ashfaq Janjua Ashfaq Ahmed Janjua F.Sc 1,716 0322-5036816
08 Anum Iftikhar Iftikhar Hussain F.Sc 1,716 0307-5229993  
09 Komal Iftikhar Iftikhar-ul-Hassan F.Sc 1,716 0307-5229993
10 Wajeeha Shahid Shahid Pervaiz F.Sc 1,716 051-4432797
11 Muhammad Arsalan Ali Ch.Basharat Ali EE 3,852 051-4447333
12 Muhammad Umair Shahid Shahid Pervez EE 3,852 051-9267111
13 Tehrim Khaliq Abdul Khaliq MS 3,852 051-4424685
13 Tehrim Khaliq Abdul Khaliq MS 3,852 051-4424685
14 Haziq Ali Muhammad Sultan Ali CA 3,852 0332-5385565  
15 Hammad-ur-Rehman Altaf-ur-Rehman EE 3,852 051-2277712
16 Hafiz Zeeshan Ahmed Iqbal Khan BE 3,852 0333-5378058
17 Mst. Sangraiz Akhtar Mr. Firdous Ali Widow 6,600 0300-5249126
18 Yasmin Akhtar   Iftikhar ul Hassan Widow 6,600 0307-5229993
19 Mrs. Zareena Bibi Mr. Irshad Ahmed Azmi Widow 6,600 0321-5065104
20 Mrs. Razia Begum Mehr Din Widow 6,600 0333-5182715
21 Mrs. Lala Bibi Mehr Din Widow 6,600 0333-5182715
22 Mst Gul Marjan Manzoor Hussain Widow 6,600 0300-5213928
23 Mrs. Rafia Shahin Nayyar Ahmed Ghazli Widow 3,300 0314-5158980


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