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Aims & Objectives

(1) The objectives of the Foundation are to promote quality and gender sensitive education in the territories of Federal Administered Areas as defined in section

(2) The three major categories of objectives are:

Promotion of Education :

   To promote public private partnerships in attaining basic education for all through multiple delivery systems (up to elementary and including early childhood and literacy for empowerment) with special focus on disadvantaged communities and girls by direct support to private and NGOs schools in the form of grants and loans. Support through loans and grants may be used for establishment of facilities, teacher training, training in general, teacher support, curriculum support and resource centers.

To support initiatives in secondary education especially the technical stream including Information Technology (IT) literacy managed by NGOs and private sector on no profit basis.

To interface and facilitate private initiatives with public ones for promotion of elementary, technical, and IT programs.

To extend assistance to existing special needs initiatives within existing mainstream programs to address needs of children.

To promote welfare activities for the teachers and educationists of the Federal Government Institutions including providing scholarships and assistance to students and teachers in general, and to students and families of teachers in Federal government institutions in particular. This activity shall be carried out of the return on the endowment fund of Federal Teacher Foundation transferred on its merger with National Education Fund.

To facilitate and undertake innovative programs between public and private sectors or otherwise and their replication.

To mobilize and manage resources and to act as a conduit for promotion of education through multiple sources.

To assist and facilitate formulating national educational policies for the private sector; and to develop and implement gender sensitivity and aware raising programs among teachers, students and other members of the academic community.

Capacity Building :

Provide support to organizations engaged in education development and capacity building in areas of training, maintaining standards, curriculum management, assessment and evaluation.

To strengthen institutional capacity of partner organizations Community Board Organisations and private sector organizations to become self-reliant in terms of quality, resource generation and management and effective community participation for good governance in education.

To strengthen institutional capacity of the Foundation to manage and achieve its objectives, mission and Vision.

To support programs for Teacher Education (general and subject specific) education management and planning.

To set up cell for private sector resource mobilization from local as well as expatriate Pakistanis for education initiatives through public private partnership.

To prepare and develop gender sensitive curriculum and materials that will promote equality, peace, human rights and development for all.

Research and development:

To provide support to organizations engaged in education development, research, assessment and evaluation.

To share best practices and foster exchange of resources for optimum education development including collaboration with all Education Foundations, NGOs, national, regional and international agencies and other stakeholders.

To create a database on private educational institutions and related NGOs in the country.

To compile and synthesize sex disaggregated data and information available for policy makers, research institutions and donor agencies.

To influence education policy through documented research and practice.

To assist in the maintaining of standards of education according to agreed norms in the privately managed schools.


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